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Test creating a printable quiz


Instructions: Pretend you are a teacher or the parent of a school-age child. Someone tells you about a website where you can make a printable quiz. Please go to http://knowledgemouse.com/ and try to create a printable quiz with 4 questions and answers. Try and get to the point where you can print out the quiz (you don't need to actually print it out). You can make up the questions and answers. While performing the test, please think out loud or write down your thoughts. Let us know if anything is confusing or if it is difficult to achieve the goal. Also, let us know if the result (the quiz that is about to be printed) is what you expect.

Desired Video Length: 5 minute(s)

Is Audio Required: Audio is not required

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Suggested Price: $5.00 (USD)

Number Of Tests Requested: 2

Number of Tests Purchased: 3

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