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Online Quiz Creating and Editing at KnowledgeMouse.com


Instructions: Please go to the web page at http://knowledgemouse.com/km/online_quizzes/hosted_quiz?trk=utm and try to do the following:

1) Sign in - you can use username "UTMTesting" and password "passwd123"

2) Create a new online quiz - you can add 4 - 7 random questions

3) See if you can change the background color of the quiz - pick any random color

4) Test the quiz to see if the new background color shows up - you don't need to run through the whole quiz

5) Comment on how easy or difficult you thought the website was to use.

Please write down your thoughts or have audio comments in the video as you go through these steps. The test should take around 5 minutes. If you use up the 5 minutes, feel free to stop the test before completing all the steps.

Desired Video Length: 5 minute(s)

Is Audio Required: Audio is not required

This shows whether the user test requester wishes to have audio narration or not. If not, you can put your comments in the Test Comments field of your user test.

Suggested Price: $5.00 (USD)

Number Of Tests Requested: 5

Number of Tests Purchased: 5

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