Request User Tests

Would you like to have your website or application tested? And watch a video of users as they go through a user flow?

How It Works

User Testing Market is a little different from other testing platforms. It is like a marketplace where people can request user tests and users can perform the tests and "sell" their user test videos.

  1. A requester like you submits a user test request describing what you would like to have tested. You can also specify an amount you would be willing to pay for the test video.
  2. Potential testers view the test request with the instructions you've given. If they wish, they can create a video of their user test and submit it. They set a price which they are willing to sell their user test video.
  3. Before deciding whether to buy a user test video, you can view three automatically-generated screenshots of the video as well as an 80-character snippet of their written test comments (plus the lengths of the video and the written test comments). From this information, you can make the decision on whether to purchase the user test video.
  4. If you decide to purchase a test video, the tester gets paid, and you then get full access to the user test video and written test comments. You can purchase as many or as few tests as you wish - if none of the submitted tests look promising, you do not need to purchase any of them.
  5. Testers may price their videos below or above the requested amount if they wish.

Let's Get Started!

To submit your user test request, first Sign Up for an account with User Testing Market.