Pricing, Payment Processing, and Fee Schedule


User Testing Market is a little different from other user testing sites in that there are no fixed prices - instead, the tester and test requester choose the price!

The person who wants to have their website or application tested (the user test requester) can suggest a price. And users who submit videos of their test can set their price for each video they submit.

The user test requester can pay for as many or as few videos as they would like.

Payment Processing

User Testing Market uses Stripe and optionally PayPal to handle all payment processing.

The user tester who submits a video will be prompted to enter in their PayPal account email/phone number, bank account information, or a debit card in order to receive payments.

When a user test requester wishes to purchase a video, they enter their payment information at that time.

In both cases, Stripe and/or PayPal handles the payment information. User Testing Market does not store credit card or bank account information directly.

Stripe supports all major credit and debit cards as well as many currencies.

When Do I Get Paid?

If you've submitted a user test video, you must first wait until someone purchases it. Note there is no guarantee that anyone will purchase your submitted video. If someone does purchase your video, you will receive the purchase price minus the fee (see below) within several business days. If you've chosen to be paid via Stripe, they determine the schedule for payments.

For accounts based in the United States and Australia, the payments should generally appear within 2 business days. For most other countries, the payments should generally appear within 7 business days.


The Price field that is listed for a user test video is the purchase price, i.e., how much the purchaser pays.

The amount the creator of the user test receives will be the price minus a fee.

Our fees are low. Compare our fees with those of some other sites where the amount a user pays for a test is relatively high, yet the tester only receives a small fraction of that amount.

Fee Calculation

The amount of the fee changes depending on the purchase price of the test. See the table below. All prices here are in US dollars (USD).

Price of Test Fee
less than $2 $1
$2 to $10 50%
over $10 35%