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Want to see real users reacting to your website or application? Submit requests for usability tests and get videos of users interacting with your products.

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Make money performing usability tests and submitting videos.

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How It Works

  1. User Test Request

    User Test Request

    Someone who wants to have their website tested for usability submits a user test request, describing what they would like to have tested in the study.

  2. Submit Video

    Submit Video

    A user views the test request and creates a video of their user test, and submits it.

  3. View Summary

    View Summary

    The requester then sees some summary information about the user test and can decide whether or not to purchase it.

Benefits of User Testing Market

For Requesters

  • Only purchase as many videos as you need.
  • You choose the desired video length and scope of the testing session.

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For User Testers

  • You set your own price for your videos.
  • Our fees are low, and that means there's more for you.

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